U.S. Rep. Kucinich target of Ohio redistricting

Jan 13 2011

By Kyle Maichle

CLEVELAND, Ohio: As Republicans are set to control the redistricting process in Ohio, a high profile Democratic Congressman could become a target when the congressional boundaries to the Buckeye State could be redrawn. [1]

Longtime Congressman Dennis Kucinich may see his career in Congress come to an end if redrawn congressional boundaries displace him. Ohio was considered one of the biggest losers of Congressional seats during the 2010 Census. The Buckeye State lost 2 congressional seats as now there are 16 congressional districts instead of 18 in the 2000 Census. If Kucinich’s seat is eliminated, he would be forced to either retire or run against fellow Democrat Congresswomen Betty Sutton or Marcia Fudge. This has led Kucinich to reach out to fellow liberal activists across the nation to raise money in order to influence the Ohio Redistricting Commission to keep his seat. [1]

A possible redistricting strategy in order to keep Kucinich’s seat is to displace Betty Sutton from her congressional seat as the Washington Examiner cited her district as snake-shaped and one that could be “unpacked”. The Examiner’s analysis pointed out that it would very hard for Republicans controlling the Redistricting Commission to displace Kucinich. [2] RedState also plays out another scenario in which both Kucinich and Sutton may be displaced. [3]

The Ohio Redistricting Commission will first meet on August 1, 2011, to determine how Ohio’s 16 new congressional districts will be redrawn. The deadline for the Commission to have a plan in place is October 5, 2011