Missing Indiana Democrats to be fined $250 per day starting Monday

Mar 3 2011

By Jackie Larkin

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: The 37 House Democrats who fled the state last month now have two options: return, or pay a daily fine of $250, beginning Monday. [1] The Indiana Constitution, in Article 4, sections 11 and 14 allows for the use of fines and other such tactics to compel absent members to return.

On February 22 all but three House Democrats left Indiana, depriving Republicans of a quorum and halting the passage of a proposed “right-to-work” bill, which would have allowed private-sector workers to opt out of joining unions.

Tory Flynn, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Brian Bosma, claims the state has spent around $250,000 on House staff salaries and other expenses over the past week. [1] According to Flynn, the Democrats “are putting the entire state at a loss.” [1] Indiana legislators are paid $22,616.46 a year, and receive a per diem of $138 each day. [2]

The missing representatives are as follows:

District   ↓ Party   ↓ Representative   ↓
1 Democrat Linda Lawson
2 Democrat Earl Harris
3 Democrat Charlie Brown
5 Democrat Craig Fry
6 Democrat B. Patrick Bauer
7 Democrat David Niezgodski
8 Democrat Ryan Dvorak
9 Democrat Scott Pelath
10 Democrat Charles Moseley
11 Democrat Dan Stevenson, Sr.
12 Democrat Mara Candelaria Reardon
13 Democrat Chester Dobis
14 Democrat Vernon Smith
17 Democrat Nancy Dembowski
19 Democrat Rochelle VanDenburgh
25 Democrat Jeb Bardon
27 Democrat Sheila Ann Klinker
34 Democrat Dennis Tyler
37 Democrat Scott Reske
42 Democrat Floyd Grubb
43 Democrat Clyde Kersey
56 Democrat Phillip Pflum
60 Democrat Peggy Welch
61 Democrat Matt Pierce
64 Democrat Kreg Battles
66 Democrat Terry Goodin
69 Democrat David Cheatham
77 Democrat Gail Riecken
80 Democrat Phil GiaQuinta
81 Democrat Winfield Moses, Jr.
86 Democrat Edward DeLaney
94 Democrat Cherrish Pryor
95 Democrat John Bartlett
96 Democrat Gregory Porter
97 Democrat Mary Ann Sullivan
98 Democrat William Crawford
100 Democrat John Day

Democrats Terri Austin, Steven Stemler, and Vanessa Summers stayed behind to provide, if necessary, a motion and a seconding motion, enabling them to stop any official business from proceeding, should the Republicans try to do so. [3]